Join Corey for the Timing Research Show Live Monday!

Nov 28, 2015: 1:55 PM CST

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be returning for a FOURTH time to join a live discussion panel with several expert traders being put on by TimingResearch this coming Monday November 30th!

It’s always a fun and educational group for you so be sure to register now (free) and join us live!

Date and Time:

- Monday, November 30th, 2015
- 1PM ET (10AM PT)


- Glenn Thompson of
- Alla Peters
- Roy Swanson
- Corey Rosenbloom


- Jonathan Rose of

Click here to learn more and sign up!

Can’t attend?

Register now anyway in order to receive the archive recording.

Did you know that over 7,000 traders have weekly access to a unique crowd-sourced sentiment report provided by

The panel will discuss this unique sentiment data and each of the expert traders’ thoughts on coming market conditions.

Join us and you’ll become a part of TimingResearch’s massive social experiment to develop a crowd-sourced sentiment indicator.

You’ll gain an edge that is unseen by the general public.

Each week, TimingResearch surveys a large and diverse group of traders to get their thoughts about current market conditions.

Next they use proprietary formulas to distill that knowledge into a weekly report that comes out on Sunday afternoons, and publishes it for their members only.

These are fun panel events where we discuss the current markets, opportunities we’re seeing, and help you plan your trading week in advance.

Join us live this Monday, November 30th at 1:00pm EST (10:00am PST).

Thanks to David and the whole team for making this event possible for us!

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Video: Proven Strategies for Trading December into 2016

Nov 26, 2015: 1:59 PM CST

What specific trading strategies will be best for trading through the final month of 2015 and into the beginning of 2016?

Expert trader and my colleague John Carter is sharing his thoughts with you in a new video released today that can help you navigate the rest of the year.

Entitled “Proven Strategies for Q4 and 2016,” John shares recent experiences and insight into what’s setting up right now in the trading landscape and how to play it.

Check out what John’s watching and trading and incorporate that into your own trading strategies.

Thanks to John and his team for his continued education and outreach to the trading community!


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Holiday Range Stock Scan and Nov 25 Market Update

Nov 25, 2015: 2:05 PM CST

As we slide happily into the Thanksgiving Holiday (and “Black Friday”), the stock market is pausing at the highs.

Let’s update our levels for the S&P 500 Index and note the big trending stocks today:

In-depth analysis is always provided to members of the Premium Daily Reports – I hope you’ll join and benefit.

We were neutral into the known resistance level (from last night’s planning report) and so far that was the correct strategy.

Price has remained “trapped” between the 2,094 and 2,090 index levels in a consolidating triangle.

Look to trade any breakout and until then, keep playing our famous “Ping Pong” Tactic.

Receive daily updates, planning, and education by joining the Afraid to Trade Premium Membership.

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Charting The Strongest Stock in the Dow Right Now Nov 25

Nov 25, 2015: 11:38 AM CST

If you had to make a guess about which of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 30 stocks is the strongest right now (based on a strong recent breakout), what would your guess be?

Maybe Apple (AAPL)? Microsoft (MSFT)? No – the strongest stock right now may surprise you – it certainly surprised me.

Let’s chart it from the Daily Perspective:

“Stocks which are strong tend to get stronger” – that’s our guiding principle at least.

A lot of what we do at Afraid to Trade in the membership and the open blog is scan for Relative Strength.

We like to highlight strong trending stocks and buy pullbacks (retracements) or breakouts as the trends continue.

Right now, Home Depot (HD) gapped higher and surged from $120.00 to $135 in seven straight sessions. Continue Reading…

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New Weekly Bounce Planning Levels for Chipotle CMG

Nov 23, 2015: 11:55 AM CST

Is Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) forming a big bounce off weekly support?

Let’s update our CMG Weekly Chart to highlight a key Fibonacci and Price pivot to plan our trading strategy.

First, be sure to view the prior update “Is Chipotle too Volatile to Trade?“  Answer:  Probably.

We’ll start with the Weekly Chart Fibonacci Grid:

For background info on Chipotle (CMG), see the prior “Is Chipotle Too Volatile to Trade?” for a reference.

Since that post on November 2nd, shares were trading near $623.00 per share.

Now, two weeks later, share prices have gapped down toward $530 and bounced-back in today toward $570.

I think you’ll agree that this is a highly volatile, risky stock – but you still may be interested in trading it.

If so, focus on the weekly chart Fibonacci Grid as drawn above.

The key reference points include the current interplay at $558.00 (38.2%) and the downside confluence target near $500.00 per share.

For the remainder of the week, use the $560.00 price level as your bull (above) and bear (beneath) pivot. Continue Reading…

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