A Quick Grid of Overseas ETFs and Trends

Dec 17, 2014: 3:29 PM CST

With trends shifting and reversing across global markets, let’s step back and take a quick look at a simple chart grid of country ETFs and note signs of relative strength or weakness.

Here’s the chart grid:

The grid above only highlights the MSCI iShares Exchange Trade Funds (ETFs) so be sure to go beyond this grid for a more complex picture of international markets.

Here’s a grid to identify the symbols and countries represented above (you can use this grid as a reference): Continue Reading…


Dec 17 Fed Day Market Update and Trending Stock Scan

Dec 17, 2014: 2:44 PM CST

With today’s Fed Day generating the typical pattern and volatility, let’s focus on our levels and stocks to trade:

Chair Yellen is current speaking at the post-announcement press conference so be sure to follow market reaction to any new information revealed.

In absence of any surprises, focus your attention on the blue highlight near 2,015 which is the prior two swing highs (and just shy of today’s spike high).

This will be today’s pivot along with 2,000 as a possible floor (target) of support.

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Dec 16 Stock Scan and Market Update

Dec 16, 2014: 2:57 PM CST

This time, buyers rushed to buy value at a test of the key 1,980 confluence level.

Let’s update our levels and highlight the strongest trending stocks to trade for the moment:

Yesterday had us focus on the 2,000 index level and today we’re seeing a strong rally (at least initially) up from the 1,980 higher timeframe confluence support (with divergences).

Tomorrow will be a FED Day so monitor these levels and real-time price action carefully.

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The Arc of Crude Oil to Watch for Reversal

Dec 16, 2014: 1:31 PM CST

Arc Trendline Patterns are among my favorite things to see on a chart because of the simple pattern and the large reversal that can occur once price breaks free of this “exponential” event.

Crude Oil is forming an “Arc Trendline” pattern as it collapses rapidly, so be sure to watch this pattern and how price reacts to it for a possible reversal.

Here’s the broader picture (weekly chart) before we see the actual pattern:

The bigger picture shows a rising parallel trendline (‘rising rectangle’) price pattern from 2012 to 2014 ahead of the mid-2014 breakdown.

The trigger break under $95.00 set in motion the current feedback loop of selling that essentially collapsed the price to the current $55.00 per barrel low. Continue Reading…


Dec 15 VSpike Reversal Intraday Update and Stock Scan

Dec 15, 2014: 2:12 PM CST

After what looked like a positive opening, stocks continued their sell-swing lower, breaking the 2,000 support level.

A bullish divergence and V-Spike Reversal took price back to – then under – 2,000 which will be our focal point for the day.

Let’s update our levels and highlight the strongest trending stocks to trade for the moment:

For now, the 2,000 index level will be key for planning real-time trades and strategies today and perhaps beyond.

The market is downtrending on the lower frames and completing a retracement on the higher frames.

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