Join Me Thursday for a Special “Ten Tips for Trading Trend Days” Live Webinar!

May 22, 2015: 8:44 PM CST

I’m very excited about a special upcoming opportunity with Trader Kingdom where I’ll collect my experiences and examples and share those with you in a live educational webinar entitled “Ten Tips for Trading Trend Days.”

Pardon the purposeful alliteration but you’ll learn valuable tips and tactics for trading my favorite type of intraday environment – one that trips up so many new traders.

We’ll kick it off Thursday at 3:30 CST!

I’m also thankful to be the featured expert at Trader Kingdom for the month of May!

We’ll focus on indicators (which to emphasize and which to remove from your charts), set-ups, and strategies for recognizing and – more importantly – profiting efficiently from these powerful events.

They happen in stocks, ETFs, futures – anything that can trend can develop a trend day.

The information is free and I use these strategies whenever the market throws a Trend Day our way.

Join us live to learn how you can benefit right away from learning these time-tested, simple strategies.

Thanks to the team at Trader Kingdom and Ninja Trader for their ongoing commitment to trader education.


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How to Use Breadth to Make Sense of a Hideous Flat Range Market

May 22, 2015: 1:40 PM CST

How in the world do you make any actionable sense at all of this pattern seen below:

Is it a Diamond?  Is it a flat range?  Where are the Trades?  What in the world is going on?!

When markets consolidate into a Sideways Trading Range, it can be difficult to feel confident about any trade set-up due to the lack of action.

However, take a moment to overlay an important Market Internal Indicator – NYSE Breadth – and the picture becomes clearer: Continue Reading…


May 22 Stock Scan and Range Day Holiday Update

May 22, 2015: 1:18 PM CST

Buyers continue to enact their will on the market, preventing what would otherwise be a logical retracement.

Note the near-term buy-program levels that have served as key price support – the levels have risen today.

Let’s take a look at the current picture and plan the next step:

As we slide into the Memorial Day holiday weekend, stocks continue to trade within the sideways range parameters after the divergent breakout.

Note a Buy-Program support level developing into 2,125 which has extended slightly higher into 2,127 today.

While the market remains within this consolidation, boosted by capital injections at support, we’re simply going to remain on our toes and playing this range, acknowledging and adapting to the bullish money flow holding the stock market up at the highs.

Join fellow members for unbiased, actionable analysis (and stock scans!)in more detail each evening – join the Afraid to Trade Membership today.

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New John Carter Video on How to Find Stocks Before Hedge Funds Get In

May 22, 2015: 6:30 AM CST

I really found John Carter’s new video training interesting and learned a few facts I had never considered before.

Hedge funds can propel a low-priced stock higher and John shares a few insights in a new video about what factors often precede these explosive price movements.

Money rotates within the stock market and there are methods to track this movement.

After showing his live account and how this strategy has performed for him this year, John highlights where money is leaving and where it’s likely headed within the market in the near-term future.

John’s video is ambitiously titled “Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy Stocks” but he isn’t referring to the entire market – just specific stocks and areas within it.

Click on over to the video and enjoy the training (I always enjoy Carter’s informative yet engaging teaching style) and get ready for a webinar from my colleague John Carter who I’m always happy and enthusiastic to support.


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Perfect ABCD Pullback Example in Crude Oil

May 21, 2015: 1:13 PM CST

When we last left Crude Oil in our updates, it was trading down into a known support level and we were planning for a support-bounce or else support-break outcome that would set up our next trade.

With Crude Oil indeed bouncing off our support level, let’s step inside the price action to study a perfect example of short-term trade set-ups including the AB=CD “Flag” Style Pattern

Take a moment to review Tuesday’s Crude Oil update as price traded into the target level near $58.00.

Here’s a quick quote which sets the stage for today’s educational lesson:

Focus on the $58.00 level along with the $57.00 lower support confluence which is the April price low and the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement as drawn.

Keep these simple levels in mind as you plan and trade Crude Oil through the remainder of the week.

Take a look at the chart above – which is an intraday perspective – as Oil tested our key pivot level.

I wanted to highlight an educational lesson which combines two timeframes and a price pattern.

First, Crude Oil was trading down into a key support level as identified.  Continue Reading…

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