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Jan 14, 2008: 7:29 PM CST

A fellow blogger referred me to the Video Education and Classroom section at INO.com, which contains video and audio lessons complete with workbooks and PDF file lesson hand-outs for over 500 videos available to you On-Demand.

I also recently joined the site, so I will possibly be reviewing some of the videos I watch and giving brief commentary on the site and its services.

From what I can find with my initial look-over, INO TV currently offers fifteen “channels” from the Beginner (channel 1) to advanced trading systems (channel 11) with channels for options traders, currency FOREX traders, futures, stock, and day traders. INO also addresses psychology and money management.

On-Demand content is offered at your convenience 24/7 from a host of popular educators including Lawrence McMillan, Linda Raschke, Mark Douglas (Trading in the Zone) Larry Williams, Adrienne Toghraie, and many others. I haven’t completely looked at the whole list but there are a few educators whom I have met and hold in highest respect and I look forward to watching those videos and refreshing my knowledge and learning new techniques.

Most videos contain an audio MP3 file you can download permanently and listen to on the go with any portable music device (iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc).

The people at INO.com provide two PDF booklet bonuses when you sign up and it’s an extremely affordable service for what you get.

There are two plans, one being a quarterly price of $50, and the other being a full-year membership at $100 total, which saves $100.

Further information is provided via their “What You Get” page.

As an updated disclosure, I have become a commissioned affiliate of Market Club.

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