A Quick Lesson in Divergent Reversals for the US Dollar

Nov 1, 2016: 11:04 AM CST

Many traders love reversal patterns but so many traders get trapped in false reversals in real time.

Here’s the @DX (US Dollar Index) showing a lesson in real-time reversal patterns as they develop:

First, we have a strong rally up away from the $95.00 @DX level toward $99.00 without a major pullback.

Momentum – as seen via the 3/10 Oscillator – was strong in early October during the beginning of the rally and then declined – we call this a “Negative Momentum Divergence” – through the rest of the month.

In late October we saw initial downside price action into the $98.50 support level which set the stage fro today’s breakdown and rapid intraday collapse under $98.00.

The weakening (divergence) in momentum in an extended rally sets the stage for a steeper retracement at a minimum or even a full trend reversal.

Even if you don’t trade the Dollar Index, study the pattern of the uptrend and weakening momentum ahead of the eventual trendline break and moving average cross-over, all of which occur ahead of trend reversals and aggressive short-sell trading opportunities.

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4 Responses to “A Quick Lesson in Divergent Reversals for the US Dollar”

  1. Intelligent Trend Follower Says:

    The US Dollar index has had some very impressive trends the last few years. I’ll be curious to see if it can continue in 2017. I’m positioned accordingly either way!

  2. Traders Love Reversal Patterns - TradingGods.net Says:

    […] By Corey Rosenbloom […]

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