A Quick Update of Cross Market Money Flow Grid March 11

Mar 11, 2015: 3:02 PM CST

There have been some big moves in the Cross-Market (Intermarket) Money Flow landscape recently.

Let’s take a quick fly-by look at the Cross-Market grid and note these movements closely:

The four highlighted markets include the S&P 500 (@ES), Gold (@GC), Crude Oil (@CL), and the US Dollar (@DX).

I’m using the continuous futures contracts for the quick comparison.

From February to present, we’ve seen the following trend movements:

  • S&P 500: Money flow strongly in … then a shift of retracement/selling pressure (money flow out)
  • Gold: Persistent, almost non-stop Money Flow OUT
  • Oil: No Trend or a sideways/volatile (gappy) trend that favors the downside
  • US Dollar: Flat trend into a breakout then impulsive, rapid money flow IN

This is just a quick, snap-shot of these trends focusing on nothing but price and the intraday movement.

I cover each of these markets in much more detail, including potential targets, positions, and inflection points for members of the Weekly Intermarket Report Membership.

Even if you don’t trade these markets individually, it’s helpful to take a look at trends and movement across markets to get a sense of broader money flow and how it affects the market you’re trading.

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