A Rapid Return to Risk ON Money Flow in our Quad Market Grid

Sep 12, 2017: 2:48 PM CST

As if there were never any doubts, equities surged to new all-time highs this week.

Beneath the stock market’s action, we’re seeing a sudden surge of “Risk-ON” money flow accompany the stock market’s rally.

What does that mean and what’s happening right now?  Let’s find out:

We’re seeing our quick “Quad-Market” or “Intermarket” Money Flow grid.

The top left shows us the S&P 500; top right is Gold; bottom left is Oil; and bottom right is US Treasuries.

The classic “Risk-On” markets of Stocks and Oil (which tend to do well when investors/traders are optimistic/bullish about the near-term future) surged higher this week.

Our two selected “Risk-Off” markets of Gold (which does not always operate as “Risk-Off” and US Treasuries similarly plunged this week, falling from new swing highs.

It’s important to note the broader picture of money flow across markets, even if you only trade one of these markets.

Right now it’s full-bull steam ahead until proven otherwise as the broader trends continue.

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