A Successful Bullish Triangle Breakout Victory Lap for Netflix NFLX

Oct 19, 2016: 12:18 PM CST

As a trader, we need to celebrate those moments where things actually work as expected.

It’s even better when the expected outcome happens on such a popular stock like Netflix (NFLX).

Let’s chart the original triangle and follow the footsteps of price into this week’s bullish breakout surge:

First, take a moment to review my prior post on Netflix AHEAD OF the recent bullish surge.

The post is entitled “Netflix NFLX Bullishly Breaks out of its Triangle.”

“As long as price remains above $100.00 per share, we’ll expect it to continue trading higher in a new short-term bullish phase.”

“The general consensus – from the pattern and higher timeframe UPTREND (which remains in play) – is that price should continue higher.”

It certainly did!

The first target of $110 was achieved on the initial break and gap event.

The next $120 target – simply stated – was achieved today.

Finally, the pattern projection takes price up toward the prior high just above $130.

Compare the weekly chart in the prior post with today’s update and see how additional bullish action is likely:

Stronger bullish volume confirms the breakout into the “Open Air” price pathway above $100.

Again, the prior highs extend toward $125 to $130 which is the upside break-away target.

If you missed this opportunity, study the lessons from the simple triangle in an ongoing uptrend.

A similar pattern and trading opportunity will develop again that you’ll be able to trade.

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