Active Week of Economic Reports Ahead

May 28, 2007: 10:14 AM CST

For you pure day-traders and even swing traders, I know you check the upcoming economic calendar and key earnings releases daily, but be aware that this upcoming (shortened) week, we have a lot of potentially major market moving data hitting us all at once which calls for extra caution.

Check out the article “Wall Street to Eye Inflation, Jobs Data in the Week Ahead” from Yahoo! Finance.

Here’s a sampling of the major movers:

Consumer Confidence (Tues), Fed FOMC Meeting Minutes (Wed), First Quarter GDP estimate (Thurs),  Auto Sales (Fri – and others).

For a complete list, you can always reference’s Economic Calendar. 

Costo, Sears, and Dell will also release earnings towards the end of the week.

We were treated last week with light data, only to be rewarded with many active reports this upcoming week.

If you don’t follow reports as part of your normal trading, realize that this week could cause very volatile gaps and price movements both in individual stocks you seek to trade and in the broad market itself, particularly if something is outside the range of expectations either good or bad.  Remember, good news can be bad news (especially if investors anticipate the Fed raising rates in the future).

Stay safe and trade well.

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