Apple AAPL at Key Trading Pivot Level on Dow Jones News

Mar 6, 2015: 11:45 AM CST

Is Apple (AAPL) a buy right here at a key inflection level as news broke that Apple would replace AT&T (T) in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Let’s take a look at this key trader level and plot the bull/bear scenarios:

Just looking at the Daily Chart, Apple (AAPL) is a potential BUY for a flag/retracement pattern into the support of the rising 20 day EMA at the $126.00 per share level.

Stops would be placed under $125.00 and $126.00 and a bearish “alternate” or breakdown price pathway (aggressive short-sell opportunity) would open under $125.00 per share to target the rising 50 day EMA and prior price high confluence near $120.00 per share.

Note the Green and Red price pathways originating from the “Decision Point” at $126.00.

I highlighted two similar retracement patterns on the Daily Chart and you can view how price behaved.

The trend continued after a clean breakout higher triggered a breakout buy signal and buyers overtook sellers.

Right now, focus on $126.00 as the immediate “Bull/Bear” level and plan swing trades accordingly.

We can see the logic for a Bearish outcome as seen on the Weekly Chart, however:

The other time price was as overextended from the rising 20 week EMA (green) was late 2014 into $120.00 per share (the current sell target IF $126.00 fails) and we can see the short-term bearish retracement lower from this overextended level.

Last week saw a reversal candle into $130.00 per share and the potential for a continuation sell-swing (retracement) lower in shares.

So right now, it’s all down to the Daily Chart and whether buyers step in at the short-term support ($126) and trigger another bullish outcome, propelling shares higher.

The bullish case for support originates on the Daily Chart, but if price trades under $126.00 then $125.00, then look to the Weekly Chart for guidance toward $120.00.

Either way, focus on $126.00 right now and the two divergent pathways for price – and opportunities.

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