Apple AAPL Triggers Bull Flag with Fibonacci Update

Nov 27, 2013: 2:23 PM CST

If you’ve been on vacation this holiday week, you may have missed the strong Apple (AAPL) bull flag breakout and upward impulse into a known Fibonacci Target.

Let’s quickly update our Apple chart and see these two important chart-based developments:

AAPL Apple Stock Chart Breakout Bull Flag Impulse

I’ve been highlighting the “Rounded Reversal,” Saucer, Accumulation Pattern (whatever term you prefer to use) to describe the “arc trendline” accumulation pattern into the $400 per share level.

That appears to be the bottom or reversal low from which Apple shares have been trending higher in a “Realization” phase after the August 2013 breakout.

Note the price breakouts from the falling trendlines as highlighted.

The current structure is breaking another key falling short-term ‘flag’ trendline and shares have impulsed higher as a result.

Normally, we would see this breakout as a key movement into “Open Air” where there’s no clear overhead resistance to play for as a target, but if we pull back the perspective, we can see not only a key target that is being achieved, but a new/fresh breakout buy signal in the event you missed the price breakthrough yesterday.

Here’s a pure price and large-scale Fibonacci Grid for Apple (AAPL):

Apple Stock AAPL Fibonacci Retracement Grid Trade Planning Key Levels

Quickly, we can see the $510 per share as the 38.2% inflection/confluence level from which shares targeted and traded down from in September.

There was an initial bull flag breakout above the $490 per share level in October (similar to now) which carried forward into a second breakout above the $510 level.

That “breakout” trade led to a target play toward the $545 level which has just been achieved with a new bull flag breakout pattern.

Now, we focus our attention on the $547 to $550 level either as a “take profits target” or “breakout buy” candidate on a clean push and trend continuity above $550.

The next upside target – moving through clear “Open Air” – would indeed be the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement into $585.

Option or stock traders should carefully watch this level and plan trades accordingly.

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