AtT Best of 2009 Part 2

Apr 2, 2010: 11:39 AM CST

As a follow-up from my prior “Best of 2009 Part 1” post, I’m pleased to present Afraid to Trade’s best posts of 2009 Part 2, spanning from February to March 2009:

Educational Set-ups/Patterns:

5 and 15 Minutes of Downside Doom in the DIA

Extreme Divergence and Rounded Reversal in USO US Oil

Rounded Reversal in Crude Oil

A Daily Look at Crude Oil Developing Reversal

Trading Rising and Falling Wedges

A Tale of Two Competing Head and Shoulders

Interesting Lessons from Friday’s Almost Trend Day Down

Intraday Bear Flags Galore

A Look Inside the Trend Day in Gold GLD


Gap Fade Stats for All of 2008

Set Your StockCharts up Like Corey

How Do I Create the 3/10 Oscillator? (One of the most popular blog posts)

Silver Completing Textbook Rounded Reversal and Monthly View

ADX DMI Strategy Performance Test Results

Market Calls/Analysis (with Education):

Failed Rounded Reversal Example in CitiGroup

Fibonacci Confluence Prices on Gold Weekly

Intraday Divergences Preceding Reversal

NASDAQ Outperformance and Structure

A Quick Chart Look at Apple AAPL

Looking Inside Friday’s Intraday Reversal

SP500 Support and Fibonacci off 1980s Low (missed calling the SPX low by 2 points!)

Rounded Reversal Underway in Stocks

Archive/Analysis as the March 2009 Low formed:

March 7 Weekend Look at the SP 500 Index (My analysis AT the March Low)

Stocks Overdue for a Rally (True!  This was the March low!)

Stepping Inside Tuesday’s Powerful Trend Day (They rally off the March low)

SP500 Midweek Color Bars (off March Low)

Positive Sign from New High New Low Indicator (again, off March low)

Thursday’s Most Perfect Trend Day Ever (from March Low)

3x Bullish Fund Volume Surges (off the March Low)

Historical Comparisons:

Amazing Similarities in Dow Jones 1937 and Today

Resolution of the 1937 Dow Bear Market

Looking Back on the 1929 Stock Market Crash

As always, you may view the full archives page (link here) for all posts.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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