Beautiful Arc Trading Opportunity for CME

Dec 30, 2014: 3:22 PM CST

CME Group (CME) is forming an ‘Arc Trendline’ pattern that is among my favorite patterns to trade.

Let’s view the arc, note the levels, and highlight profit opportunities from future movement:

Imagine these curved or arc trendlines as you would regular trendlines where price tends to trade down from resistance and up off support.

However, the curve or parabolic nature tends to reach a climax or peak on a breakout through the steeply lower rising trendline.

Trade WITHIN the trendlines – using caution – as long as price does continue to bounce between these levels.

However, look to take profits or consider short-selling a breakdown – and possible reversal – through the lower trendline.

You can visualize a smaller arc trendline pattern on the chart by viewing the July to November 2013 period and the pullback that took price from the $84.00 level down to $67 in the following months.

Here’s another view of the parabolic arc trendline pattern:

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