Begin the Week with Links

Nov 17, 2008: 12:18 PM CST

What a better way to start your week than browsing around the news and blogosphere, courtesy NewsFlashr? Here, I wanted to highlight selected blog or news posts that you may find interesting that might help you in the upcoming week.

The Big Picture tries “DECONSTRUCTING THE FINANCIAL CRISIS (so far)” which is a rough timeline of key events. is a site I recently came across that details the Kondratieff Long-term Wave with charts and information.

Brian Shannon of discusses his emphatic belief that Risk Management is the #1 goal.

Bill Luby at VIX and More makes a Prediction: Direxion Triple ETFs Will Revolutionize Day Trading. He also lists the new ETFs so you can use that as a reference as well.

Chris Perruna discusses various charts and ETFs in Health Care and Pharmaceutical Bottom?

Always providing us with information-packed posts, “Gaming the Market” shows and discusses Three Great Banking Documentaries.

StockTradingtoGo discusses brief principles in Understanding Economics, Trade Gaps and Deficits.

FundMyMutualFund writes an ambitious article discussing the potentials for the next 6-monts to a year in the future in November 2009 Thoughts/Roadmap.

Dr. Steenbarger of TraderFeed introduces new concepts regarding a novel concept in his series on creativity in trading:  The Role of Creativity in Trading and Conflict and Creativity in Trading Performance.

Have a safe week as best you can – keeping your focus on risk-management in the week ahead.


5 Responses to “Begin the Week with Links”

  1. BillyD Says:


    I started reading your log everyday and I get a lot out of it. I am having trouble seeing the dates on the posts. Could you consider a brighter color like yellow.



  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Thank you for your comment and for reading.

    I’ve tried to change colors on the .css file but that blue that I like on the white is apparently – according to the .css – the same as the links on the red which I’ve tried to change. Also, they display differently in IE vs FireFox, which is frustrating as well.

    I’ve hired a web team to design my new website, and as part of the site launch, the design they create will be incorporated into the blog here so this layout will change by the end of the year – if the timeframe stays on course.

    I’ll try to see what I can do in the meantime, though.

  3. Blain Reinkensmeyer Says:

    Thanks for the plug! 😛

  4. gamingthemarket Says:

    Aye, thanks Corey. Over 10% of my readers are patrons of your site.

  5. BillyD Says:

    Thanks Corey