Best of 2008

Dec 19, 2008: 3:52 PM CST

This page reflects the “Top Posts of 2008” which can serve as your introduction to the Afraid to Trade blog, or provide a foundation for learning more examples of the strategies I use and discuss on the blog.

Most Commented PostWhich Elliott Wave 4 are we In Currently?

Highest Traffic Post:  “Momentum Precedes Price Chart Examples” (and follow-up post)  “Momentum Precedes Price – Momentum Divergences

Corey’s Selected Picks of 2008:

Stepping Back in Time – Elliott Wave Count of 2000 to 2003

How I Set-up My Charts

Selected “Trade Set-up” Examples:

Five Volume Principles to Guide Trading Decisions

Insights on Volume and Open Interest

Trading a Rectangle Consolidation

Inside a Volume Divergence

How to Trade a Bull Flag

What is a Doji?

Research-Based Posts:

How to View Sector Performance in

Is FED Easing Actually GOOD for the Market?

Sell in May and Go Away – Views Since 2002

The Foundations of Technical Analysis

Why Might a Stock Fall on Good News?

Stops and Profit Targets Research

Daily Price Structure Tips

Why is Trading in the Current Environment So Hard?

Insights from a Difficult Trading Day

Three Types of Morning Openings

Tips on Trading Trend Days

Trading a Trend Day Down

Continue to check back here for further updates – also, feel free to submit your own “Favorite Post of 2008” recommendation.

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