Blog Milestone: 2000 Posts!

Jun 8, 2010: 9:27 AM CST

I just noticed that this post marks the 2,000th blog post on the Afraid to Trade blog!

I wanted to announce this milestone and take a moment to thank all the readers who continue to motivate me to keep writing,  researching, and posting.

As any fellow financial blogger will tell you, it’s not easy to maintain a consistent posting schedule, but it’s certainly worth it.  It’s important to celebrate the big and small milestones achieved along the way.

Thank you to all the fellow bloggers who have linked to my posts – that means so much to me.  There’s too many to name individually, and I would be remiss to leave someone out.

I started blogging publicly in February 2007 after writing a private blog/website (for friends and family) for the months prior.  They encouraged me to post my writings beyond our little group and I’m glad they suggested that I do so!

I wanted to share ideas, strategies, analysis, as well connect with others under the premise:

“We overcome fear/hesitation in trading through education/taking action”

Now, three years and four months later, the blog has grown in ways I never thought imaginable – the challenge has been keeping up with the growth!

I still keep in touch with some of my earliest readers and am glad to meet new readers who newly discover the blog.

Most of my posts contain current analysis across the broad markets and leading stocks that is sprinkled with little educational tidbits and examples/lessons of price concepts, trade set-ups, or market structure.

I’m a natural writer and consistent blogging, along with showing multiple examples of concepts/set-ups, has clarified the concepts in my mind and hopefully in yours as well as you follow along.  The blog is like a narrative where you can see when I learned a new concept and began to incorporate it into my trading and analysis.

Thank you to everyone who’s been with me on the journey and follows along.  Every day, we learn more and become better traders – every day there are opportunities.  Hopefully, every day, we get a little better and closer to our goals… and sometimes we achieve them!  Then we set higher goals.

So 2,000 is a major milestone in my journey – and now it’s on to 3,000 then 4,000!

Thank you sincerely for being part of it.



20 Responses to “Blog Milestone: 2000 Posts!”

  1. Justin Says:

    Congrats! I've been reading your posts for over a year now and enjoy the education.

  2. Raza Says:

    im a drifter and i've been reader you blog since the past year as well. very educational. keep up the good work corey.

  3. Denise Says:

    Congratulations, Corey!

  4. sandew Says:

    Congratulations Corey for your succinct posts , all the way from India.

  5. Frank Ochoa Says:

    Congratulations! I've been following your posts over the last six months as I've transitioned my analysis to a blog format…You've certainly laid a solid foundation centered around great content and have been an inspiration for my new medium…Keep up the great work!

  6. terlyn Says:

    Congratulations, Corey! I have learned the most from your blog and your Idealized Trades lessons. You definitely are a natural writer and a superb teacher. I have read the writings of well-known traders, but your teachings lay the foundation for your students to think for themselves. I look forward to every blog!

  7. john b Says:

    Congratulations Corey!!! Your blog is together with Traders Narrative the best around technical analysis.

  8. Charu Says:

    Congrats Corey!Great blog and great subscription service! I am learning a lot!

  9. reflex121 Says:

    great news. keep up the hard work corey.

  10. Carolyn Says:

    I think your blog is great, have been reading it everyday, and will try to say hello to you at Traders Expo LA! Carolyn

  11. samalama Says:

    who cares??

  12. arthur stowe Says:

    with great respect, admiration, and gratitude.

    i get a lot out of your reports.

  13. Dominick Says:

    Corey, congratulations on the milestone. I have been following the blog from the early days and it is interesting to see the evolution. I have certainly learned the most about trading from your posts. You have my thanks and appreciation. Keep up the great work, I am looking forward to many more.

  14. Online Printing Says:

    Congratulations on such a high success rate for unbiased trade views.

  15. CL Says:

    Thank you so much for all the ideas and analysis you have given us. I've learned a great deal about the markets and trading techniques. As a beginner, your daily analysis have helped me to overcome my fear of trading.
    Congratulations and all the best!

  16. Matt Says:

    Congrats Corey! Great Blog and great services. Thanks and please keep it up. We all love it!

  17. jacob Says:

    congrats corey! I am a fairly new reader of your blog (a friend of mine suggested to me) and I have found your blog really insightful. I have liked your blogs ever since i first visited and read it frequently. THanks for the great work and research. Keep it coming!

  18. Layne Says:

    Congratulations, Corey! Your hard work and generosity for sharing quality information with others is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  19. Ed Heath Says:


  20. liviu Says:

    Congrats and keep up the good work!