Blog Roundup of Friday’s Market Activities

Jun 8, 2008: 1:52 PM CST

What have some of the other bloggers and writers said about the market activity and ramifications of Friday’s actions? Let’s find out!

The Big Picture: More on May 2008 Employment

“If you want to spin a story out of this, it could be that people are re-entering the labor force because they’re having a hard time making ends meet.”

Kirk Report: The Worst Is Behind Us Trade

“Along with a lot more Fedspeak next week, the calendar is going to be on the busy side with reports on pending home sales, Beige Book, retail sales, business inventories, consumer sentiment and the consumer price index.”

TraderFeed: Getting Off the Performance Roller Coaster

While not technically about Friday’s action, my guess is that many of you feel as if you’re stepping off a roller-coaster after last week, so Dr. Brett’s article is timely.

Infectious Greed: Bad Day in the Markets

“There is something about the conjunctival redness of this market heat chart (via Finviz) today that is overwhelming:”

Adam’s Daily Options: Sell In June?

“So if you see a gap open up today on the Jobs Report, this from Jason Goepfert suggests you should short with both hands.” Adam called Friday’s action early on, but the gap was actually down, not up, but the ‘shorting with both hands’ strategy worked the same.

Fallond’s Stock Picks: weekly review

Declan reviews a variety of charts annotated from which shed light on future possibilities.

Quantifiable Edges: When Months Start Bad

While not technically about Friday’s action, Rob finds patterns in weak beginnings to months.

As I said previously, Friday’s action was interesting for a variety of reasons (fundamentally and technically) and so I suggest gathering as much information about it and documenting it as possible.

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