Breaking Down and Away from the Highs in Electronic Arts EA

Jul 23, 2014: 2:19 PM CST

Electronic Arts (EA) surprised to the upside yesterday on earnings but failed to impress traders with tepid future guidance and we’re seeing a sharp gap-down and sell-off from the recent highs.

Let’s take a look at this strong trending stock, note two prior ‘pullback’ scenarios, and chart the probabilities of what to plan now.

Here’s the daily chart and gap-down against the high:

I first wanted to highlight two similar “divergences into the highs” situations ahead of short-term pullbacks or retracements against the strong uptrend in motion.

We’re charting the odds for a third repeat of this “divergence into resistance” pattern seen from November 2013 and March 2014.

Should history repeat, we could see a pullback or retracement for EA shares in the near future.

Both times, price broke under the rising 50 day EMA which is currently trading at the $35.00 per share level.

Keep your eye on the spike-low and 50 day EMA confluence near $35.00 per share for any additional continuation of the pullback already in motion.

Of course, we have to plan alternate thesis – or in this case – Pro-Trend bullish outcomes for an immediate support and impulse to new highs.

For the moment, odds (at least from a charting standpoint) seem to favor caution and waiting to put on a new buy/long position after this potential sell-swing or retracement finds a support target.

Let’s take a moment to learn a quick educational lesson from the Hourly Chart and current outcome:

EA Shares formed a nice parabolic arc trendline structure through July that ended with a breakthrough of the rising trendline on July 21st.

Note the spikes in red-sell (bearish) volume ahead of today’s gap-down from divergent resistance.

It can be risky buying shares into new highs – usually divergences in an overextended market serve as decent “take profits” signals while breakthroughs of rising-arc trendlines like these also offer “take profit” signals along with very aggressive “sell short” brief time-horizon trades.

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