Bull Trap and Target Level Update for Copper JJC

Mar 3, 2015: 11:52 AM CST

What looked like a possible bullish breakout devolved today into a trap as Copper buyers failed to hold the breakout level.

Let’s update our chart of Copper – and ETF JJC – and plan where were go from here:

Similar to Crude Oil, Copper fell through the end of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015, though a positive divergence developed at the lows.

A spike reversal took price all the way  again like oil – to the falling 50 day EMA (blue).

Copper prices – seen here with the @HG futures contract – initially broke the level into $2.640 but soon fell back under the pivot point to trigger a possible Bull Trap.

Note the $2.6000 level as the short-term bull/bear pivot level.

A break above $2.7000 suggests price can quickly trade toward $2.8000 (bullish scenario) while a break under $2.6000 suggests the selling pressure will return, taking price toward $2.4500 and perhaps lower.

The situation is the same in the related ETF symbol JJC:

The logic is the same, only the pivot and target levels are different.

Focus on $32.00 as the upper pivot (along with $32.50) and then the $31.50 level as the lower pivot.

A trigger break lower – especially one that breaks under $31.00 – suggests a sell signal down toward $30 and $29.

Otherwise, a resumption of the breakout into the green zone triggers above $32.50.

Keep watching these levels from within the neutral point where we are now.

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