Dec 15 VSpike Reversal Intraday Update and Stock Scan

Dec 15, 2014: 2:12 PM CST

After what looked like a positive opening, stocks continued their sell-swing lower, breaking the 2,000 support level.

A bullish divergence and V-Spike Reversal took price back to – then under – 2,000 which will be our focal point for the day.

Let’s update our levels and highlight the strongest trending stocks to trade for the moment:

For now, the 2,000 index level will be key for planning real-time trades and strategies today and perhaps beyond.

The market is downtrending on the lower frames and completing a retracement on the higher frames.

Despite the initial bearish activity, Sector Breadth is flashing a slight bullish signal:

Only two sectors have positive breadth readings now – Discretionary and Energy – but the relative strength today is concentrated in the offensive (bullish) sectors.

Relative weakness – except for Financials – appears in the defensive (bearish) sectors of Health Care and Utilities.

We have potential bullish trend continuation plays in the following stocks:

Cirrus Logic (CRUS), Burlington (BURL), Riverbed Tech (RVBD), and Advisory Board (ABCO).

Potential downtrending candidates exist in stocks showing relative weakness today:

QIWI, Rayonier (RYN), Liberty Media (LMCA), and Novartis (NVS).

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