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In an effort to promote truth and openness in recommendations and links, this page will serve as a list of all disclosures of sites of which I am an affiliate or with whom have some sort of relationship.

To better serve readers, from time to time I recommend products, websites, individuals, or services that align with my style of market analysis which I also feel would be of interest to my readers.  Being a blogger, I am sometimes offered free trials, free books, complementary subscriptions, or to join as an affiliate of a particular company or website, and this page is designed to inform you of those relationships.

I also promote websites and products and books of companies and individuals with whom I have no relationship, other than I have benefited from the book, product, or service of my own volition and experience.  These will not be listed here.

Any product or service which I receive for free does not affect my judgment or recommendation of these products or services.  I will always provide you with a direct and honest assessment of a product or service whether it has been given to me for free or whether I have purchased it on my own.  I will disclose when a product or service has been given to me.

Also, from time to time, I may promote a product or a service to which I am an affiliate member of a particular company.  As an affiliate member, this means that I am willing to partner with a particular company and join in helping promote that company, book, product, individual, or service which means I strongly believe in the company or service.

An affiliate partnership may be mutually beneficial without monetary transactions, such as when I promote a particular subscription service in exchange for the other individual promoting my service.

In other cases, I will only receive monetary compensation in the form of a commission determined by the company when you click a link in one of my posts on the blog or through my affiliates.  As a policy, I do not hide or “cloak” my affiliate links like some others do.  Affiliate links will often contain the word “campaign” or “affiliate” or some other longer URL (link) than a specific website.  These will let you know that I am linking to an affiliate product and only will receive compensation when you purchase a product or service from that website.

Through purchasing a product of which I am affiliate, you help support Afraid to Trade which continues to offer daily blog posts and education free of charge to you.  Your support via clicking on an affiliate link helps the site financially and I appreciate your support. Putting together quality posts each day takes time and effort, and I am happy to do so, but do appreciate the financial support from your support of my carefully chosen affiliates.  This keeps the blog free for all.  I will never support or recommend a product to you that I do not feel would be of benefit to you.

On other occasions, other than affiliate products, I receive compensation when you provide your email address or information to a particular company as a “lead” when you join their mailing list or register for a free trial also through clicking one of my links to one of my affiliate partners.

The following list reflects the types of relationships with current affiliates, colleagues, websites, and companies who have either provided me a free trial, free book, free subscription, free software, or other material benefit.  This also lists my affiliate partnerships which pay through commissions or leads when you purchase a product or sign up for a service via one of my affiliate links.

Affiliate Partnerships (Both Leads and Commissions on the Purchase of Products or Services):

Market-Club and INO.com
Elliott Wave International and Club EWI
Trader Interviews.com – Tim Bourquin
LBR Group.com – Linda Raschke
Profits Run

Non-Monetary Support/Relationships (free trials, free products, publicity)

MoneyShow.com and Traders Expo (publicity/promotion)
NeoWave.com (trial subscription)
Elliott Wave International and Club EWI (trial subscription)
Market-Club and INO.com (free subscription)
GreenFaucet.com (publicity)
FINZ.tv (webinar)
Profits Run (trial products)
FuturePath Trading and LBR Group (webinar)
TradingMarkets.com – Larry Connors (interviews)
Trader Interviews.com – Tim Bourquin (trial subscription)
NewsFlashr.com (Editor)
The Disciplined Investor – Andrew Horowitz (Podcasts and free copy of The Disciplined Investor)
Wall Street Cheat Sheet (publicity)
The Essentials of Trading – John Forman (Newsletter, Market Profile Trading Course)
Phil’s Stock World (trial subscription, $1,000 contest winner)

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