Excellent Example of Intraday Reversal Preceded by Divergences

Nov 11, 2009: 12:43 PM CST

This morning’s action gave a great example of the “Divergence” lessons, in that dual TICK and Momentum divergences can forecast intraday price reversals of either short or intermediate term degree.  Let’s take a look.

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We’re seeing the @ESZ09 or December S&P futures contract (instead of the usual SPY I show) on the 1-minute timeframe for enhanced clarity.

Price gapped up off the open and then progressed to new intraday highs on a strong rally to fresh 2009 highs as forecast by my prior post “New S&P 500 Highs Forecast by Fifth Sprung Bear Trap“.

As we achieved those new highs, an internal (and intraday) non-confirmation at the highs set-in, creating a “Dual Divergence” (or double divergence) in both the 3/10 Oscillator (Momentum indicator) and – much more importantly – the NYSE TICK (bottom panel).

That’s not to say that a reversal was absolutely guaranteed, but that internals and momentum were NOT confirming the absolute price highs and that information hinted (forecast) for a retracement down at best and reversal at worst – the reversal came to pass.

As an aside, the current intraday lows are being met with a dual Positive Momentum and TICK divergence.  This could also result in an upwards move or second reversal on the day.  Look to see if you can observe this without me labeling it.

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Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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2 Responses to “Excellent Example of Intraday Reversal Preceded by Divergences”

  1. ngbstl Says:

    is the 3/10 oscillator study just MACD w/ settings of 3 & 10? …or is this some proprietary indicator? thx!

  2. ngbstl Says:

    is the 3/10 oscillator study just MACD w/ settings of 3 & 10? …or is this some proprietary indicator? thx!