Four Free Stock Heat Map Tool Websites

Jun 3, 2010: 10:37 AM CST

Earlier, I posted on FinViz’s new “Bubble Chart” tool and asked readers to submit other examples of free, useful “heat map” resources.

This post links to four of those resources as follows:

1.  FinViz’s Heat Map Page

This is my favorite tool, because you can visualize the stocks of the market in many ways, including 3d columns.

The symbols are clear and sized according to market-cap and sector, plus you can choose to view a World Map, ETF Map, and sort your ‘heat map’ by a variety of factors – technical and fundamental – which should give you quick ideas of where to start analyzing stocks that jump out at you.

2.  Stock Charts SP500 “Market Carpets”

I’ve been using the Stock Charts Sector “Carpets” for a long time, and they also provide quick information as to what stocks led the session, which lagged, and where the money flowed within sectors.  The site clearly displays the top and bottom 5 stock performers.

You can sort the rankings based on a handful of technical indicators, including stochastic, RSI, Bollinger Band Width (for compressed stocks), and a few others, but not as much as FinViz.

Beyond the S&P 500 carpet, you can see a few additional ETF-specific carpets, a broad inter-market carpet, and a specific breakdown for the Dow 30 and NASDAQ 100.

3.  BusyStock SP500 Market Cloud

I’m new to viewing the BusyStock Cloud, but it’s a neat text reference that sizes the font based on current performance (rankable intraday) that highlights the top and bottom stocks in a given sector clearly.

It also clearly indicates exactly how many stocks are ‘up’ and ‘down,’ which gives a very helpful assessment of breadth at a glance.

4.  Capital Market Maps (Global ETFs)

I was really impressed with the visualization of the Captial Markets Map, which literally colors countries based either on currency ETFs or country-specific ETFs and overlays the performance on a map of the world.

It’s also a helpful resource if you can’t seem to remember the top currency or country ETFs!

Bonus:  Market Re-wind ETF/Market Resources

While not exactly a heat-map, Jeff Pietsch, CFA, publishes great intraday updates and market gauges, such as the Market Metric toolbar (homepage) which shows sentiment, and three trend timeframes.

These resources can help the swing and position trader – and even the day trader – conceptualize the market and focus on leading and lagging stocks with clear information.

If I missed a great free site, please let me know!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT
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7 Responses to “Four Free Stock Heat Map Tool Websites”

  1. dg Says:

    maybe this sounds too obvious, but how do you use a heatmap, or other metric indicating rising momentum? if something already has momentum hasn't the horse left the barn?

  2. Corey Rosenbloom, CMT Says:

    That's actually a great question.

    Not always – some stocks that have picked up a momentum/trend move go for days or weeks straight. Think back to Apple and Google and how many multi-day rallies they had. Or how many multi-day down days BP has had lately.

    These are helpful for scanning and spotting moving stocks that you probably won't be able to see otherwise.

  3. dtdt Says:

    busystock's pivot points calculator is really cool. no need to enter data points.

  4. JDShots Says:

    Thanks for presenting these tools.

    Info on FinViz and CrystalBull in my blog post from awhile back:

    Free or Cheap Noob Investment Resouces – Visualizing Markets and Securities by JDShots on P&P

  5. stockblitz65 Says:

    Investors and traders that use an iPad should check out Heatmap by Ivory Bull I use it on the go to supplement my research.
    I love the App. It gives a crisp visualization of the markets and has lots of customizable features.

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