Free Live Streaming Video from the Vegas Traders Expo

Nov 21, 2008: 12:50 PM CST

I just discovered this link and had to pass it on to you.  The is featuring dozens of select presentations via webinars from speakers at the Las Vegas Trader’s Expo.

Specifically, the link is their “Upcoming Webcast” page off the homepage which offers you to participate or view in a chat-room while listening to the presentation and watching an accompanying video, usually of the slideshow from the speaker(s).

Thursday featured a couple of “live trading challenges” as well as some excellent presentations (which, I believe, will be archived for future viewing) and the videos run through Friday and Saturday.  You’ll need to register to see the videos and to create your ‘viewing schedule’ which is accessible in your ‘videos’ account which almost creates your own iteneriary of remaining shows.

There’s no need to travel to Vegas to get good trader education!  That’s not actually true, having attended a few previous trader’s expos.  These are great venues to meet other traders, speak with professionals, see new industry software/products, and have a little fun in Vegas.  The conferences are well-organized and draw thousands of traders from all experience levels across all markets.  The conferences themseleves are free but offer a good deal of promotional material amidst the shining gems of trading wisdom/education, so you have to be selective time-wise (at any given hour period, up to ten simultaneous presentations can be occurring so you need to plan very well).

The next Expo will be in New York in February and you can access information there on the New York Trader’s Expo page.

Should the market survive and there be any traders left (that’s a joke), the Summer Expo will be in Los Angeles in June.

If you can find some time this afternoon or evening, check out some of these webinars and participate in the chats if they’re available.


2 Responses to “Free Live Streaming Video from the Vegas Traders Expo”

  1. BillyD Says:

    I was going to attend the conference but dedided not to travel. I have been attending the sessions online and I am getting a lot out of them.


  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:

    I’ve sat through two so far and you’re right – they did a good job of selecting some of the higher quality presentations and also providing a great selection from which to choose. I miss the interaction but hey the info is most important I guess in the end.