Free Report on the State of Global Markets

Feb 3, 2014: 6:10 PM CST

I’m very selective when it comes to supporting affiliate offers, but I wanted to share this opportunity with you to access a limited-time “State of the Global Markets” 50 page analysis piece from EWI.

Sometimes it’s helpful to view analysis from a different perspective, even if you trade a specific market.  Assessing the broader picture of money flow can be helpful in structuring your trading and investment decisions.

State of Global Markets

From the introduction page:

The State of the Global Markets – 2014 Edition gives you valuable, independent analysis and forecasts for the financial and economic trends in 2014.

You can navigate the year ahead with confidence via a blend of hard facts, analysis and unique commentary – plus dozens of eye-opening charts and insights culled from this new 50-page subscriber report ($199 value).”

To receive the report, you’ll need to provide Club EWI (of which I am an affiliate member) with your email address but there is no further obligation after that.

Thank you to Club EWI for making this premium report available to the public (beyond their membership).


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