Hear Corey on the Disciplined Investor Podcast Discuss Elliott Wave

Apr 6, 2009: 11:25 AM CST

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor interviewed me for this week’s Podcast entitled “Elliott Wave Theory in Action.”  In it, Andrew and I discuss the basics of Elliott Wave, how fundamental analysis ties into Wave Structure, the current market environment, the “3/10 Oscillator,” and many other topics as well.

If you have not done so already, please subscribe to the Disciplined Investor Podcast which is now on Episode 103 – Andrew’s Podcasts have become well-known in the field of Finance and Investing and provide a valuable resource to listeners each week.  His podcasts have a wide focus and interview individuals with different strategies, backgrounds, and investing styles.

In this episode, Andrew gives us a backdrop on the fundamental picture that is shaping up currently, notes key news items that are coming into focus, and then we begin discussing some basics on Elliott Wave, what the current structure is telling us, the importance of the March 6th price low, how combining Fundamental and Technical analysis is critically important, why inter-market analysis is also important, and finally we discuss the 3/10 Oscillator and how it compares with the standard MACD.

Andrew Horowitz is also the author of the Disciplined Investor, a book that I highly recommend to new investors or traders because he describes complex topics in an easy-to-understand introduction that emphasizes combining fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis in a method he calls the ‘QuantaFundaTechna” Method.  He then branches out beyond the Markets to describe a lifelong strategy for investment success.

Also check out my interview on the Disciplined Investor (podcast #57) entitled “Making the Grade with Afraid to Trade” where Andrew and I discuss trading strategies, current (at the time) market structure, my experiences and background, and how I trade.

Thank you to Andrew for this opportunity – and be sure to head over and check out the Podcast and subscribe (free) for his weekly iTunes podcast series The Disciplined Investor!


2 Responses to “Hear Corey on the Disciplined Investor Podcast Discuss Elliott Wave”

  1. gawed Says:

    hey corey, congrats on the interview.
    sadly my itunes says it cant suscribe to that podcast because of me being in Mexico. pretty weird.. you have any file you could share to listen to you?

  2. Corey Rosenbloom Says:


    Oh no! Thanks for letting me know – I’m checking with Andrew to see what we can do.