Hear Corey on the Disciplined Investor Podcast

May 19, 2008: 12:35 PM CST

Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor site (well-known for his weekly Podcasts and new book The Disciplined Investor) interviewed me last week and has posted the interview as a portion of his most recent Podcast in his series.

Andrew’s Podcasts are becoming a leader in the field, and appeal to a wide variety of investors and traders. He has previous interviewed Robert Reich (former Labor Secretary), Adam Warner (Adam’s Daily Options), Brian Shannon (Alphatrends Blogspot) and many, many others. Be sure to check out the whole series of Podcasts.

In my interview, we discussed how fear developed and how one trade shaped my career for the better (forcing me to be humble and ‘disciplined’ in my approach to the markets). Further, we discuss some crazy adjustments to inflation numbers and also discuss avoiding seminars that appear ‘too good to be true.’ I also discuss Andrew’s recent book and why I was able to learn from it and why I will be recommending it to newer investors.

I’m a short-term trader, but Andrew takes that into account and describes the broader process of wealth accumulation and protection over one’s lifetime – an area that I tend to ‘push off until later’ due to my short-term focus on the markets, but it’s a topic with which we all should be more concerned.

We end by discussing the current sector rotation trends and what I feel needs to happen to get more bullish on the market.

The full podcast is entitled “Making the Grade with Afraid to Trade” and I’m thankful for Andrew for the opportunity and enjoyed the experience. Be sure to subscribe (link opens in iTunes) for updates when new podcasts are released.

Check it out!

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