Hear Corey’s 5 Interviews at MoneyShow.com

Jul 1, 2009: 3:37 PM CST

During the Los Angeles Traders Expo in early June, I participated in an interview session with Karen Gibbs and the crew from the MoneyShow.com Studio.

These brief, 3-minute segments are now available at the MoneyShow.com website and I wanted to share the collective links to each interview.

1.  Trade From the Big Picture

Karen and I discuss how to use “Broader Perspectives” to weave down the timeframe scale to maximize trading opportunities and minimize risk on the lower timeframes.

2.  An Important Low?

I review the current structure of the S&P 500 and what the technical indicators I use are saying – specifically in regard to the March 2009 lows.

3.  Good Time to Buy Dollar-Denominated Assets Now?

I start by describing inter-market relationships of the dollar and commodities, then move to discuss the longer term trend of the US Dollar Index, Government Spending, and possible Inflationary Pressures ahead.

4.  Conquering Fear and Greed

I discuss some of the basic ‘trading psychology’ guidelines and on how traders can assess their emotions while dealing with greed and fear to boost trading consistency and performance.

5.  Trading With an Edge

In what I believe to be the most important concept in trading that surpasses all trading strategies, Karen and I discuss what constitutes a “Trading Edge” and why it is so important.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT


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  3. Successful Traders Are Balanced, Trade With An Edge And Have Good Intuition Says:

    […] Corey Rosenbloom did a few interviews for Moneyshow. I especially liked his 5th interview. Very balanced guy. http://blog.afraidtotrade.com/hear-coreys-5-interviews-at-moneyshowcom/ […]

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