Hear Russell Sands Discuss Turtle Trading

Jul 23, 2008: 6:54 PM CST

Are great traders born, or can they learn the skills?  Is it Nature (in-born) or Nurture (learned)?  INO TV has released a video of Russell Sands, an original famed “Turtle Trader” discuss his experience as a turtle and his thoughts on the matter.

Entitled “I am a Turtle,” Sands discusses what he learned and provides his perspective on the long-standing debate.

In the early 80s, two men were in a debate about how great traders are made. Is it nature or nurture? Are great traders born with a natural intuition for economics, human psychology and self-discipline, or are great traders a product of intense education and practice? Out of this question emerged an experimental trading group called the “Turtles“. These individuals, with little to no trading experience (hand-selected from a newspaper advertisement) were put through a vigorous training in trend following by famed traders Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt.

Out of this experimental group, Russell Sands was one of the first trainees. In this INO TV presentation, “I Am A Turtle,” Sands shares the lessons and methodologies that his professional trainers taught him.

The video is free, as are other videos from INO.com TV, but it does require quick registration.  I am a huge proponent and member of the INO.com Educational Video Service, and I strongly recommend you become a member as well – it’s only $99 for a full year of access ($49 for a quarter) to over 500 video presentations by dozens upon dozens of wonderful trading instructors across a wide variety of topics – well worth the small fee.  All videos are on-demand at your convenience.

Stay tuned to INO TV for their next set of complimentary seminars. I’ll keep you posted.

(PS – I am doing my blogging this week from sunny Orlando, Florida just outside the Disney Theme Park studios – it’s a working vacation!)

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