Hedge Fund Blogger Richard Wilson

Aug 21, 2008: 10:47 AM CST

I just came across a massive resource blog/website with information pertaining to those interested in many aspects of hedge funds that I wanted to share with you.

Hedge Fund Blogger describes its site as “Hedge Funds – 500+ educational articles on Hedge Fund and Fund of Hedge Fund managers, jobs, strategies and investments,” and I was thoroughly impressed at all the information contained on the site and will clearly spend some time there reading many of the articles.

I recently spoke with Richard via email and asked what were some of the main or most popular features on the site and he replied,

“A few of the most unique resources on the blog include the:

One could also start at the link “52 Most Popular Hedge Fund Articles” to begin your journey to learn what you’ve always wanted to know about hedge funds.  His “Hedge Funds FAQ” page is also a good launchpad resource.

You can also learn about possible job postings and descriptions for those more serious about this type of fund.  In addition, read some of the popular strategies (that aren’t veiled in total secrecy!) used, and what Richard believes will be the top 5 main strategies going forward from here.

In addition, you can find specific geographical information on regulation, employment, practices, listings, and more on his Geographical Hedge Fund Guide.

Wilson provides videos, PowerPoint files (mostly on regulation), white papers, news articles, links to other resources and much more on his site.  Be sure to check it out no matter if you’re just learning what a hedge fund is or are considering working for one or possibly starting your own!

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