Hewison Video: How to Use Intraday Charts to Time Entries

May 12, 2009: 11:23 AM CST

Adam Hewison released an informational video I wanted to share with you, on how use intraday charts  to set-up entries into a trend on a higher timeframe.

(Clicking the chart opens Hewison’s video page)

Officially titled “How to Use Intraday Charts to Time Low-Risk Entries in Crude Oil,” this technique is applicable to all stocks or markets.  It’s really a simple strategy of combining the structure (say, an uptrend) on a higher timeframe and then buying a pullback into key support  on a lower timeframe.

Hewison demonstrates the technique on a Monthly timeframe “trade triangle” buy signal and then drops to a 30-minute chart to enter (long) into the market based on a buy signal on the lower timeframe.

In the description, Hewison writes:

“In this short video, I will show you how to use intra-day charts to time low-risk entry points in any market that has an established trend. In this example, I am looking at a 30-minute chart of July crude oil (CL.N09). With all of my indicators in a positive trend for crude oil, I am looking for low risk entry levels where we can add to, or institute new positions.

This video will demonstrate how to move into a market even if you have missed the initial buy/sell signal.”

On a separate but related note, Adam released a video analysis of the Crude Oil markets that I didn’t feature last week as I didn’t want to overwhelm you with Adam’s videos.  For those interested, feel free to check out Adam’s take on the ‘trade triangle’ signals and analysis in Crude Oil.

As always, members receive these and more videos as they are released.  Check out the MarketClub (free month trial)  if you have not done so already and are interested in learning more.

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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