Hewison Video Update on SP500 for August 26

Aug 26, 2009: 7:03 AM CST

Adam Hewison of Market Club released a new 8-minute video update on his projections for the future of the S&P 500 over the coming months which discusses Fibonacci retracements to watch as well as price targets for the often discussed “Inverse Head and Shoulders” he sees as a potential formation.

Officially entitled “Imaging Not Having Access to Financial News!,” Hewison – in comical fashion – raises the notion of a technical purism approach, and notes current “Trade Triangle” signals for the S&P 500 along with price support and resistance levels to watch for targets.

(Clicking the image opens the free video page)

In introducing the video, Adam writes, “Imagine not having access to any financial news stories! The only information you have about the market is the market itself.

Would you be a better trader or a less successful trader?

I think you would be a better trader. I have often said that the market is the best news provider in the world. It’s up the minute and it reflects both domestic and international issues. The success of our “Trade Triangle” technology is based upon market action.

In my new short video, I’ll take a big look at the S&P 500 market and where I expect it will head in the months to come.

We all need to be prepared for what lies ahead, and this video is worth watching for that very reason”

Hewison also shares his thoughts on why the market has been discounting ‘bad economic news’ and how inflation will likely be a future worry.  Also, learn why Adam considers October the “Question-mark Month.”

Consider joining the Market Club if you’re not a member already – the link here shows the benefits for membership (including receiving all videos the moment they are released and access to scans with current “Trade Triangle” signals).

Thank you to Adam for making these videos available to us!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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