Highlighting Scott Andrews New Research on Diversifying Your Trading and Crude Oil Gaps

Aug 26, 2013: 3:37 PM CST

I wanted to highlight new research from one of my colleagues Scott Andrews of Master the Gap where he shares his most recent studies on gaps in Crude Oil.

Scott is most known for his extensive research and analysis regarding opening gaps in the US Equity ETFs and Futures markets, but he recently expanded his research regarding Crude Oil and will also be releasing additional information on gold and other futures markets.

Scott released two videos regarding diversification with your gap-trading strategies (using his research) and I wanted to highlight these as a colleague and affiliate.

His first video addresses “Diversifying your Trading

In “Diversify Your Trading,” Scott will cover seven ways to diversify your trading, pitfalls of diversification, and an equity curve simulation for comparison.

His second video continues the theme of diversification by sharing specific information and research beyond the US Equity Futures as he “Introduces Trading Crude Oil“:

True to its name, the “Introduction to Crude Oil” explains five ways to trade crude oil (not just with futures!), seven tips for getting started (and minimizing risk), and of course Scott will provide his historical odds/probabilities for trading gaps in Crude Oil.

I’ve worked with Scott before and have always been impressed with the thoroughness of his research and how he puts his findings to work trading the market.

He always stresses the importance of probabilities and historical precedent to minimize emotion in trading decisions (along with building confidence to execute positions based on historical odds and evidence).

Thanks to Scott and the team at Master the Gap for broadening their research and providing it for the trading community!



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