Hourly Intermarket Grid Update to Start March

Mar 4, 2016: 12:30 PM CST

February was an exciting month as Oil and Stocks finally found a short-term bottom and rallied most of the month.

What’s the current trend and how are the “quad markets” moving right now?

Let’s update our Intermarket Grid:

Whether or not you trade all or any of these markets, it’s helpful to get a sense of Money Flow by viewing “Cross-Market” or Intermarket Grids, even as brief as these.

Early February saw stocks and oil reverse off $28.50 and 1,820 respectively as a strong rally took hold through the rest of the month.

Technically speaking, at this point these are “counter-trend” rallies against the higher timeframe downtrends.

Nevertheless, stocks achieved their upward goal into 2,000 as did Oil into $35.00.

In addition to the bullish “Risk-On” Money Flow for stocks and oil, gold joined the fray with a strong rally at the beginning of February (when stocks fell) and held above $1,200 to today.

Gold is spiking up toward $1,300 as a strong bullish impulse takes hold.

The Dollar similarly declined and reversed up (all around February 11) but traded lower through March.

It’s interesting to note the strong positive (short-term) correlation of the Dollar with Stocks and Oil lately – that correlation bent in March with the Dollar’s sell-off.

We always cover deeper analysis and plan both trading (swing and intraday) and even short-term investing strategies with these markets, along with US Treasuries.

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