How to Play a Short Term Stock Pop via Alerts

Apr 29, 2009: 10:50 AM CST

Brad Stafford of Market Club released an educational video this morning on how to use news/headline alerts in Market Club to take advantage of “short-term pops” in certain stocks.

(clicking the image opens the video page)

Entitled “How to Play Short Term Pops,” in the introduction to the video, Brad writes,

“With these Alerts you are getting a warning of a major move. It’s not that you are reacting to fundamentals, it’s just that when the technicals align, you are the first to know.  This applies to our trading strategy, MarketClub Alerts, and the steps we need to take to capture profits and stay on the winning side of those short-term moves.”

Market Club Members receive headlines, alerts (emailed as they occur), ‘trade triangle’ signals, commentary, videos (before they are shared with affiliates) and more.  Visit the Market Club homepage to see if their service might be for you!  You can try out a membership for a free month if so desired.

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club.

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