How to Spot Winning Trades with Market Club

May 19, 2008: 10:33 AM CST

Market Club, known for their ‘trade triangle technology,’ is becoming more popular and widely known, and I wanted to share a couple of screen shots and a recent message and video by Adam Hewison.

First, I wanted to show the “Welcome Screen” which contains direct links to your portfolio, ‘smart scan,’ Trade School (Education), Blog, and Data Central.  The screen also provides news updates and recent internal blog posts for members.

Second, I wanted to share a screenshot of Adam analyzing a stock and the technical signals that are available at a glance for a stock that takes into account short-term and longer term momentum and trend.  It makes scanning extremely easy and allows you to view chart details of a stock quickly to determine if further analysis is needed:

Finally, Adam released a video entitled “How to Spot Winning Trades with Market Club” where he walks you through the process of how to use the service, scan the database of stocks, futures, and FOREX pairs (depending on your preference), and how to evaluate the results of the scan and how the ‘trade triangle technology’ works to help you increase your probabilities of finding a potential winning trade.

From Adam:

“I am often asked how I find winning trades in the market. I can easily answer that question in one word: MarketClub. Just like the thousands of other MarketClub members, I use our “Trade Triangle” technology every day to spot stocks, futures, precious metals and foreign exchange markets that are ready to move.

In this new video, I’m going to show you exactly how to find potential winning trades using our “Trade Triangle” technology.

This short video will get to the point quickly. That’s what I most like about MarketClub, it’s fast, and our “Trade Triangle” technology is definitely a winner with investors. The website shows me quickly and easily what markets are ready to move with only a few clicks of a mouse.

“How to Spot Winning Trades with Market Club”

Take the time, watch the video, and if you have any questions you can call us or find more information and videos at Enjoy the above video and give us your feedback when you have a chance.”

I find the service useful for scanning capabilities that generate fresh ideas, and also to confirm the analysis I do.  As a disclosure, I have become a commissioned affiliate of Market Club. The indicators are applicable for monthly, weekly, and daily charts, which allows you to craft the larger picture for the potential movement in a stock or a market.

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