Indicators the Disciplined Investor is Watching Feb 8

Feb 8, 2010: 1:16 PM CST

Monday brings us another quick update of the “Indicators the Disciplined Investor is Watching” from Andrew Horowitz.

The February 8th update is entitled, “Oil Appears Oversold… For Now” and includes a quick overview of key index charts to watch.

The above charts are a sample of the report, and clicking the image will link you to today’s post.

Today, Andrew discusses the sell-off and Friday bounce of crude oil while viewing volume and other internal indicators.

In the volume chart, Andrew writes:

“The Low-Volume Rallies and High-Volume Sell-offs are a sign of Institutional Distribution.”

He also notes the New Lows (difference) forming in the $NAHL NASDAQ market indicator.

These are always helpful ways to start off your week with a quick glance at a few key charts.

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