Industry Strength and Weakness – June 3

Jun 3, 2007: 1:08 PM CST

Here are a few charts and stock watchlist ideas from’s Industry Group screener:

Strongest Industries of last 3 months:


Weakest Industries of last 3 months:


Industries showing strong buying money flow of last 3 months (best trade ideas come from here):


Remember to read the charts from right to left in terms of monthly progression.  When you see red (right) to yellow (middle) to green (left) as you do in the Beverages and Wholesale Computer industries, this is a good sign institutional money is coming into these industries, and you should concentrate money in stocks that have strong relative strength, or rising trends as identified by you.

You can use the free tools at to view snapshot charts of each stock in each industry and quickly view up or down trends for your watchlist and further analytical study for possible trade entry.

Of note, Aluminum stocks and Mineral Mining stocks have shown the greatest relative strength of the last three months while it is no surprise to most investors that industries related to housing (REITS, construction) have fared the poorest during the recent market rally.

Seeing beyond the headlines and index readings to the inner components can provide greater returns and reduced risk, and as Jim Cramer is apt to say, “There’s always a bull market somewhere.”


3 Responses to “Industry Strength and Weakness – June 3”

  1. Bill Kemperman Says:

    Corey –
    Industry Strength /Weakness is a very good post . Also I never heard of till your mention . Looks like a very helpful site that will enhance sector studies . I like that they follow same sectors as barchart and yahoo . Thanx again Corey ! Bill

  2. reno Says:

    Thanks for the insight into sector scans — I’ve been looking for info like this! I have a question though: I went to but couldn’t figure out how to find the page where you run the scans to get your “Industries showing strong buying money flow of last 3 months” table. Any help is appreciated!

  3. Corey Says:

    Thanks for the comment Bill and Reno!

    I’m writing a post now to highlight a bit about and the scanning procedure I use to find stocks in rising sectors.