INO TV – the Logical Choice Video

May 28, 2008: 1:58 PM CST

Adam Hewison posted a ‘logic grid’ video regarding the INO Television Educational services, which I use and recommend for traders.

Entitled, “INO TV, the Logical Choice,” Adam describes the benefits of the videos that comes with membership (only $99 per year or $49 per quarter) that grants you access to over 500 video seminars (90 – 120 minutes per video/audio) from leaders in the investment and trading field, as well as over 450 e-books ready for download for review later.

I have been using the service since early this year and still am impressed by the sheer amount of information and presentations available to you on topics such as Elliott Wave, options trading, introduction to Technical Analysis, Cycles applications, Fibonacci, Profitable Patterns – all taught by major educational trading leaders such as Martin Pring, John Murphy, John Bollinger, Linda Bradford Raschke (5 videos!) and many, many more.

In the brief video, Adam describes the service in more detail and creates a logic grid square (similar to Pascal’s Wager) which shows the utility (benefits) of using or not using the service, and the risk to reward that is possible (like a trade set-up).

It beats paying over $1,000 to attend a free trader’s conference only to hear a dozen or so presentations over a weekend (something I’ve done at least 5 times!). To go to the service directly, visit INO TV (Four presentations free of charge and obligation).  I am a commissioned affiliate of INO and Market Club.

Thank you to Adam and everyone at INO TV for making this possible.

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