Join a Free Options on ETFs Training Webinar Tonight!

Nov 25, 2014: 4:04 PM CST

If you’re looking to diversify your trading strategies, learn a new technique, or just are looking for a new way to liven up your trading, then join us tonight for a special webinar with my friend and colleague John Carter.

John will be presenting “My Favorite Ways to Trade Options on ETFs” which combines the option world with broader ETFs.

I’ve always been a fan of John’s presentations and am proud to count myself as an educational affiliate of his Simpler Options trainings.

Carter goes beyond directional put and call buying strategies and introduces tips and tactics specifically designed to cut your risk.

For a bit of background info before attending the webinar, you can also view his quick-tips video for an introduction to what he’ll cover tonight.

And as always, thank to John for his continued commitment to quality trader education – but in a simple, folksy style.  Head on over to register for free now!


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  1. Eoin Says:

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