Join Corey and Manesh Patel Tuesday June 30 for “Planning Trades for the Summer” Webinar

Jun 29, 2015: 1:57 PM CST

As we end the second quarter 2015 (can you believe it?), what opportunities are setting up and what can we learn going into the remainder of 2015?

Manesh Patel and I will be presenting a two-hour joint webinar Tuesday evening June 30th at 7:30pm EST and we’d love to have you as our guest as we discuss trading strategies and opportunities for the summer 2015!

Entitled “Setting Up Trades for Summer,” Manesh I and will discuss current market conditions and teach a class on the following topics:

Identifying Major Support and Resistance with Ichimoku Time-Frame Matching (Manesh)

Among the topics Manesh will discuss are the following:

• How to determine the sentiment of an instrument, i.e., bullish/bearish/sideways
• When to enter a trade with a high risk/reward ratio
• When to exit a trade by gauging either minimal loss or maximum profit

Filling Five Gaps in your Trading that are Keeping You from Consistent Success (Corey)

I’ll be “filling you in on” five specific areas of your trading practice that may be holding you back from your goals as a swing or intraday trader.

Click on over to the Go-To Webinar Registration Page for full details on what we’re discussing and when and how you can benefit from the classes and live-market commentary.

I’ve worked with my friend and colleague Manesh for a few years now and am excited for this opportunity to team-up and share our unique perspectives with you.

“Dominate the market. Reduce risk. Expand your cash flow.”

We can’t wait to see you there!


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  1. Zain Says:

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