Join Corey and Many Other Traders Live at the New York Traders Expo in February

Feb 10, 2012: 4:06 PM CST

It really will be here before you know it!

Plan your trip early to the always amazing New York Traders Expo which will take place February 19-22, 2012 – and as always, attendance is free!

Traders attend the New York Expo not just from all over the USA, but some traders fly in just for this Expo, so it really is a great place to learn new strategies and meet fellow traders and professionals all in one location.

Here is just a small sample of the many speakers you will be able to meet at the Expo:

I’m excited to be presenting a half-day intensive session on the first day of the Expo – Sunday, February 19th:

“Back to Basics:  How to Adapt Time-Tested Set-ups and Strategies to Today’s Markets” (direct link)

I’ll begin with foundational price principles on trend, momentum, and volatility and explain how those form the building blocks for retracement, breakout, and the ever-popular reversal-style trades.

We’ll then focus on how to identify, enter, manage, and of course exit these opportunities using examples from all the timeframes and many markets and stocks.

I’ll also present a twist on using multiple timeframes with my separate presentation Monday February 20th:

“Creating Trades from Two Timeframes:  Four Set-ups and Tactics”

We’ll discuss how to combine two timeframes together to confirm and trigger trades, while discussing how to avoid a common pitfall of viewing two timeframes.

And those are just the two presentations I’ll be giving – there will be dozens of other popular trading authors and speakers giving so many presentations during the Expo that you’ll have to make a schedule to attend as much as you possibly can!

Join trading legends John Murphy, Linda Raschke, Toni Turner, John Carter, Larry Williams, Lawrence McMillian, Scott Andrews, Tom DeMark,  and so many others who will be speaking at the Expo.

Beyond the speakers, there’s plenty of opportunities to speak with fellow traders (network!) and demo some of the new tools and software available to the trading community.

The Expo begins on a Sunday, so feel free to fly in on Friday and do some sightseeing on Saturday and be well-rested for your Expo experience during the week.

I’m looking forward to this Expo and hope you will be able to join us all in New York City!



8 Responses to “Join Corey and Many Other Traders Live at the New York Traders Expo in February”

  1. Timchen1234 Says:

    Hey, this looks good. I will register for the event. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. zstock7 Says:

    the expo looks like a great opportunity!

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  6. fundamental lover Says:

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  7. Mark D. Cook Says:

    Should be a great expo. I know a good many of the speakers. You are in good company Corey!

  8. babyiminlove18 Says:

    I wish that I am part of that expo, I'm pretty sure, I will learn a lot from those great speakers that  I can use to establish my future. Great post!

    Eloisa from Peinture plafond