Join Corey at the June Summer Traders Expo in Dallas

May 18, 2012: 6:27 PM CST

The Summer session of the Trader’s Expo is rapidly approaching!

It’s time to go ahead and make plans to attend the Traders Expo in Dallas, Texas June 6-8 if you will be able to attend.

If you’ve attended a prior Traders Expo, you know how fun and beneficial they are for you as a developing trader.

Not only do you get the opportunity to learn from dozens of leading traders presenting educational sessions on current market conditions and strategies, you also have plenty of time to network and meet fellow traders with whom you can keep in touch and learn from each other.

As a new or developing trader – particularly if you trade alone at home – it can be very encouraging to meet others who are sharing similar experiences – good and bad – as you are.

The Expo is a stellar venue for building camaraderie with others and keeping in touch with what’s new in the trading industry.

You also can demo the latest in trader software and technology at the large Exhibit Hall between educational sessions.

Speaking of educational sessions, there are always so many sessions from which to choose depending on what type of trader you are (day, swing, position), market you trade (commodities, FOREX, stocks, ETFs, futures), along with your experience level (new, intermediate, and advanced).

I’ll be presenting two sessions at the Expo on June 7th – mainly designed for intraday traders:

Intraday Trading Tricks with the TICK:  Kick-offs and Divergence Signals

How to Identify and Trade Range Days

Visit the homepage of the Dallas Traders Expo to see a full listing of speakers and sessions you’ll be able to attend.

Other educational speakers include Brian Shannon, Larry Williams, John Carter, Kathy Lien, Anne-Marie Baiynd, Chris Terry, Scott Andrews, Harry Boxer, and Robert Miner – just to name a few!

And if you’re unable to attend the Expo, you’ll be able to view live webcasts of some educational presentations as they take place during the Expo (check for details as it gets closer to the Expo).

I sincerely hope you can join us all in Dallas!


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