Join Corey Each Tuesday for a Live Morning Market Briefing with TradeStation

Jul 21, 2014: 5:57 PM CST

Start your Tuesday fresh with live market commentary, updates, and analysis from Corey as he delivers the Tuesday Morning Market Briefing with TradeStation.

I typically start each session with a discussion of news or major events that could impact the trading day.

I then recap the broader indexes, levels, and probabilities of a Trend or Range Day developing in the context of our Game-Planning from the night before from our membership reports.

Then, I discuss stocks you request live, and I always have a list of leading stocks and possible opportunities developing in these popular stock names.

Finally, we end the briefing with a quick check on Money Flow and potential opportunities developing on the Intermarket Landscape such as Oil, Gold, Treasuries, Currencies, and other requested Commodities.

It’s fun and concise and it provides opportunities and candidates you may not have otherwise considered.

Join us live Tuesday, but also every day of the week for live analysis from leading traders such as Todd Gordon, Linda Bradford Raschke, John Person, Bennett McDowell, Sam Seiden, and Chuck Fulkerson.

Find out who’s on what day, how to register free (you don’t have to be a TradeStation member), disclosure information, and additional details via the TradeStation Morning Market Briefing page.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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