Join Corey for a Wednesday Webinar on Trading Trend Reversals

Oct 11, 2011: 9:36 AM CST

It’s time for a webinar event!

Wednesday, October 12th at 3:30 CST / 4:30 EST, I’ll be conducting a webinar sponsored by Trader Kingdom and ICE Futures entitled:

“Trusting and Trading Trend Reversals”

It will be a unique event, as the content has been designed from question you all asked!

Here’s a quick description of the event:

Join Corey Rosenbloom for this interactive event focused on trading trend reversals and customized by feedback from active traders.

During this live webinar, Corey will address topics and questions submitted by traders on trend reversals including the two most common:

  • How do you avoid traps? Or alternatively, how do you trust that a reversal is for real?
  • What are the specifics of entering, managing, and exiting a trade based on a trend reversal situation?

Corey will begin by providing an overview of foundational trend structure and then move through classic technical analysis techniques, indicators, and strategies to spot and confirm a trend reversal situation developing in real time.

Per request from participants in the “Designed by Traders” series, he will also provide a quick introduction on how the Elliott Wave Principle – along with confirmation or non-confirmation from modern leading indicators – helps increase your confidence at spotting and trading properly within a developing market movement.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will learn:

  • The five sequential signals to spot and confirm a trend reversal in real time
  • Which indicators are best to highlight trend reversals (along with which ones trick you)
  • Trading signals/set-ups generated from the developing trend structure
  • Trade management tips along the way

Get ready to take notes because we’ll be covering a lot of material in the hour webinar session.

I hope you can join us there – October 12th at 3:30 CST for Trading Trend Reversals!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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  1. Dak Hartsock Says:

    Hi, Corey, is it possible to post the powerpoint you used in the webinar?  I'd like to keep a printed copy of it handy for reference.