Join Corey Live June 7th for Range Day Trading Webinar

Jun 1, 2012: 12:49 PM CST

I’m excited to announce and invite you to a live webinar/webcast from the Dallas Traders Expo on Thursday, June 7th on how to Identify and Trade Range Days.

The live event will take place in the evening after market close at 5:45pm CST (6:45pm EST) and will be broadcast from the Expo:

In the session, we will discuss three factors that precede Range Days and the “Big Three” Indicator combination that provides you the best trading opportunities.

Also, I will explain how Range Days and Trend Days differ and why trading tactics for one type of day do NOT work on the other.

In addition, you will learn a “Time Sequence Check-list” you can use throughout the trading day – including pre-market – that provides clear clues as to what Day Structure will likely develop.

If you can’t travel to Dallas for the Expo, you can still participate via the eTrading Expo from the Money Show team.

During the presentation, I’ll also take questions from those attending the live webcast so be sure to have questions ready!

Thank you to the Expo and Money Show staff for this opportunity and I hope to see you there.


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