Join Corey Thursday for Live Webcast from Dallas on Execution Tactics

Jun 15, 2011: 1:44 PM CST

If you’re unable to make it down to Dallas, TX for this week’s Traders Expo, don’t fret!

The Expo is hosting live webinar events throughout the Expo, and I’m pleased to announce I will be presenting on “Trade Execution Tactics” during a live webinar session this Thursday, June 16th at 4:30 CST.

Visit the following link or click the image to learn more and register for the free event this Thursday afternoon.

It’s definitely fun to talk about trade set-ups, but what really matters is your execution tactics and skills – the ability to enter a trade set-up you recognize in real time instead of just letting it pass you by, frustrated that you missed another opportunity.

I’ll discuss how important it is to maximize your trade entries and exits and answer these following common trader questions:

“Ok – I see a set-up in real time, but how do I actually enter it?  Market?  Limit?  Bracket?”

“I waited patiently for my entry but the market just started moving so quickly. Is it too late to enter?  Am I chasing?”

“How can I feel comfortable entering a trade in real time without hesitation or doubt?”

You’ll be able to join-in live as if you were in the audience for the live presentation and will be able to ask questions and participate during the session.

From the description:

Join Corey Rosenbloom, CMT as he explains various trade set-ups such as retracements or breakouts with a focus on exactly how to enter a position in real time in a market in motion.

Learn the difference between conservative or aggressive entry tactics, recognize the trade-off between them, and then identify which strategy works best for you, depending on your unique personality and experience.

These insights into trade execution tactics, and the effect on the all-important reward to risk relationship, are applicable to all markets and timeframes.

  • Learn how to differentiate between conservative and aggressive trade execution tactics
  • Recognize the inherent trade-offs between an aggressive early entry into a trade set-up and a later entry with additional confirmation but a reduction in trade edge
  • Develop confidence in your skills of putting on and taking off trades when you see a set-up and price moving in your direction… but you’re unsure where exactly to enter

Thank you to the MoneyShow and TradersExpo staff for these webinar opportunities – there will be more throughout the conference for you to attend – and I hope to see you there at the webinar!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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