Join Corey Thursday for Strategic Planning Four Speaker Webinar Event

Jan 28, 2013: 8:36 AM CST

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting an informational webinar as part of a four-speaker event on Thursday, January 31st and I wanted to invite you to attend.

Sponsored by Real Traders Webinar, their January 31st event will include four back-to-back presentations under the topic “Strategic Planning and Precision Trading” and by registering, you will be able to attend one or all events in the live series.

I will be presenting at 2:00pm EST/1:00pm CST and the detailed schedule is listed below:

How To Time Your Entries With Swiss Clock Precision
Dr. Barry Burns Veteran Trader and Educator – TopDogTrading (12:00pm EST)

Dr.Barry Burns has continued in his father’s footsteps, a 70 year trading veteran, working with professional mentors and a Chicago floor trader as he developed his own methodology. Using an indicator already in your charting software, he will show you how to change the settings to pinpoint high and low trade signals with a technique he took two years to develop and uses every time he takes a stock, forex or futures trade.

High Probability Support and Resistance Trading With Options
Marc Nicolas – DayTradingZones (1:00pm EST)

Learn the unique combination of chart analysis with specific option strategies which Marc Nicolas trades and mentors for long term wealth. Marc is an 18 year trading veteran. He cut his teeth trading for JP Capital, a division of Andover Trading. Since 2002, he has mentored Overlaying Probability Trading Strategies for the eminis, forex, ETFs, stocks and options in the live markets, training total newbies to 25 year traders, some with institutional backgrounds such as Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank.

Evening Game Planning and Tactics for Trading the Next Day
Corey Rosenbloom – AfraidtoTrade (2:00pm EST)

Corey Rosenbloom is a Chartered Market Technician dedicated to helping traders overcome fears. He blends intermarket analysis and sector rotation concepts into his short-term and intraday trading strategies for gold, stocks, bonds, crude oil, and the US Dollar index. He will explain how to plan for the next trading day, how to recognize whether the session is heading to become a Trend Day or a Range Day and consequently which trades (and indicators) will work best.

Technical Insights from Pit and Floor Futures Trading
Tim Haefke – MrTopStep (Top Step Trading) (3:00pm EST)

Tim started in the business with Dean Witter over 20 years ago as head technician for their institutional group. His focus is the S&P, Nasdaq and 30 Year Bond. He will be explaining his technical basis and insight into futures trading from the pit and the floor.

I’ll specifically be discussing how to study charts in the evening to develop expectations and a “Game-Plan” for trading the next session.

Continuing the logic, I’ll discuss how to implement your game-plan in real-time as the intraday session develops into a Range Day, Trend Day, or Combination session.

I’ll also highlight the ideal trades and opportunities depending on how the day unfolds (and what to watch as the day progresses).

Thank you to Real Traders Webinar for arranging this event and I hope you can join us Thursday!



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