Join Corey Today Noon EST for Rebroadcast of LA Expo Presentation

Jul 1, 2009: 2:52 AM CST

Today, at 12:00pm EST / 11:00am CST, the will be hosting a free, live chat and rebroadcast of my presentation “Idealized Trades for Intraday Traders” as part of their Webcast series.

In the hour-long seminar, I discuss how to distinguish between a Range Day and a Trend Day in formation (early identification is key) and then move into discussing three high-probability, low risk trade set-ups to use as you see them developing.  I also discuss “edge” and how important it is for intraday trading tactics.

Finally, I describe why keeping an “Idealized Trade” Journal in addition to your standard daily trading journal can help propel you to success quicker due to seeing repeated examples of Daily Structure and trade set-ups.

I just recently began offering this service “Daily Idealized Trades” reports – please take a look at this new in-depth subscription service which also discusses the structure and possible opportunities for the next trading day.

Here is the description and welcome page from the

To access the free chat (I will be taking questions all through the presentation from attendees), you’ll need to register for Free at the and click “Add to Cart” on my presentation (there is no fee and no check-out).  With your account and registration, you’ll be given access to the live chat and presentation.

You’ll also be given access to the many other free presentations and interviews (you’ll also find me on their interview pages as well).

The information and link is at the top right of their homepage, as well as directly linked from the image above.

I believe you’ll be able as well to download the 30 slides from the presentation – if not, feel free to email me for the slides.

I met a lot of great people at the Expo and hope to keep in touch with you all.

Thank you to the great staff at the for recording the presentation and rebroadcasting it with live chat!

I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll join us there for the live chat this afternoon!

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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