Join Dave Landry for “This Week in the Charts” Update Thursday

Jul 15, 2015: 12:55 PM CST

I’m excited to highlight my long-time colleague Dave Landry’s upcoming market update and wanted to invite you to benefit from Dave’s down to earth, straight to the point analysis.

On Thursday July 16th, at 11:00 AM ET, Dave Landry is giving a special “The Week in the Charts” educational presentation.

Tap here to learn more and sign up for free and join the presentation.

Grab your spot here to listen to Dave talk about what he’s seeing in the charts.

Dave was one of the first traders from whom I learned when I was beginning my trading career.

He’s a true trend follower, and his strategies have kept traders on the right side of this bull market as it has continued to exceed expectations.

I’m looking forward to learning the stocks, sectors, and ETFs on which Dave is focusing right now.

This week:

– Get Valuable Trading Lessons Based On Current Conditions And Feedback From You. Topics often covered include:
– Trading Psychology–You And What You Can Do About You
– Actionable Setups & Patterns
– Money & Position Management–How You Can Control Loses And Stick With Winners

And much more from a true and time-tested trader!

Thanks to Dave for continuing to provide his simple style of analysis and education to the trading community!


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