Join John Carter for a Webinar on Beating the Market Makers

Aug 20, 2013: 5:41 AM CST

If you’re interested in how a professional trader successfully uses Weekly Options, or just interested at all in the topic, then set aside some time this evening to join professional trader John Carter as he presents a webinar entitled “Beating the Market Makers” where he will describe the strategy he uses with weekly options.

The webinar will take place this evening, Tuesday August 20th at 8:00pm EST / 7:00pm CST and John will cover the topics mentioned in the image above.

The image links to the registration page at his Simpler Options website, of which I am an affiliate member.

John is a well-known trader and educator and if you’ve never heard him speak live or have attended one of his educational webinars, you’re in for a treat.

Tonight’s webinar will be part-educational and part-promotional (I assume), but it will still be informational to those who have an interest either in John’s research and method or weekly options in general.

There aren’t many webinars dedicated strictly to weekly options which so be sure to attend tonight’s event if you have even the slightest interest in learning about this relatively new trading vehicle and strategy.


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