Join John Carter’s Featured Webinar Insider’s Guide to the Big Trade Tuesday Feb 18

Feb 15, 2014: 5:31 PM CST

I’m excited to promote John Carter’s upcoming webinar entitled “The Insider’s Guide to the Big Trade” which will take place February 18th at 8:00pm EST / 5:00pm PST.

This will be a free webinar open to the trading community which was introduced in his earlier “Lessons from a Million Dollar Trader” brief summary video.

John Carter Big Trade Webinar

As mentioned in the teaser video and description on the free email registration page (image above), John will be discussing insights taken from his trading performance in 2013.

He’ll be identifying what his top winning trade set-ups have in common along with insights from what went wrong from studying his losing trades.

As the continual uptrend and recent series of trend days remind us, we need to have a plan and confidence to know when to “go big” with our trades and then take advantage of these rare opportunities when everything lines up for our strategies.

As traders, we need to be open to trading big and being aggressive when the odds are clearly in our favor (and of course, we need to know how to assess those events).

I’m an affiliate of John Carter’s Simpler Options program and support his educational efforts to the trading community. While he will provide plenty of educational content in the video, he will likely present the opportunity to purchase a premium program for those interested in learning more about his strategies and methods.

His strategies – particularly when to “go big” with a trade – will apply not to just traders of options, but to swing and even intraday traders as well.


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